Chemical Physics Letters (Publication)

Our most recent work on MoS2 hybrid materials for hydrogen production has been published in Chemical Physics Letters. This is a collaboration with Prof. Nikos Tagmatarchis from National Hellenic Research Foundation in Greece.


Wakashachi Incentive Research Award

I received the 13th Wakashachi Incentive Research Award.

Grand Prize and 300,000 JPY will be awarded on 17th January 2019, and then I will give the lecture entitled “Development of Novel Contrast Agents for Early Detection of Cancer Tumors”.

Presentation Award on Annual Meeting of JSMS 2018

I received the best presentation award on Annual Meeting of JSMS 2018.

I gave the presentation entitled “Template Synthesis of One-dimensional Transition-metal Chalcogenides Inside Carbon Nanotubes”. This talk is based on the research of my students, Aizaki and Nagata. Thank you so much.

Transferred to TMU

I was transferred to NanoScience Research laboratory at Tokyo Metropolitan University. I launched a new project for the synthesis and characterization of novel 1D and 2D materials with Prof. Yasumitsu Miyata.

Annual Meeting of JSMS 2018

I participated in the annual meeting of JSMS (Japan society of molecular science) 2018.

I gave the lecture entitled “Template Synthesis of One-dimensional Transition-metal Chalcogenides Inside Carbon Nanotubes“, and discussed with many researchers in physical chemistry.

#56 FNTG General Symposium

On 11-13th September, my students, Aizaki and Nagata participated in the 56th Fullerene-Nanotubes-Graphene General Symposium at Sendai, Japan. They gave the poster presentation for CNT-templated synthesis of 1D materials.

Organizer for Young Research Meeting on FNTG

I organized the 8th Young Researcher Meeting on FNTG (Fullerene-Nanotubes-Graphene general symposium). Eight speakers came from different research fields, and gave really exciting talks. Thank you so much for joining us, everyone.


NU-AIST Alliance Project (Grant)

I and Dr. Kazu Suenaga received the grant for NU-AIST Alliance Project (1,600,000 JPY). This project is to promote the collaboration between Nagoya University and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. The research  project is entitled “Characterization of Novel 1D Materials Confined within Carbon Nanotubes”.

Presentation in Zao

Dr. Nakanishi gave the presentation in a meeting at Zao, Japan. This meeting has been organized by Prof. Richiro Saito with Nano-carbon society, Foundation Advanced Technology Institute (ATI).


Instruction for High School Students

This summer, two high school students, Shun Ono (Gifu High School) and Yuki Skagawa (Ichinomiya High School), will spend a week or so in the lab for carrying out experiments as a part of the JST program “MEIDAI MIRAI GSC (Global Science Campus) second-stage program”. They will work on the synthesis of novel 1D materials with me and Masataka Nagata (M1). Enjoy your stay and the experiment in our laboratory !